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POSROI - Vehicle positions in realtime
With POSition Real-time Output Interface (POSROI) it is possible for client applications to receive current vehicle positions combined with real time data from the public transport operation.

Senast ändrad: den 1 juni 2017 11:44  

APCRDA - The interface that makes Realtime APC possible
The latest Interface in the NOPTIS family is now realesed.

With APCRDA it is possible to let other applications get access to data concerning recorded APC data
collected through the NOPTIS VSI interface.
Senast ändrad: den 1 juni 2017 08:59  

Vehicle System Interface 3.0
The NOPTIS Vehicle System Interface 3.0 (VSI) has been added to the download page.
Senast ändrad: den 14 februari 2017 14:16  

NOPTIS gets new chairman
The board of NOPTIS decided to elect a new chairman - Carl Järsberg, Skånetrafiken.

Krister Nordland has over almost ten years filled the task of Chairman, we thank him for the extensive work done during these years. It is now time to review the organization and its development to meet the new demand of digitalization. - Carl Järsberg.
Senast ändrad: den 15 oktober 2016 13:00  


POSROI - Vehicle pos
APCRDA - The interfa
Vehicle System Inter
NOPTIS gets new chai


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