The Nordic Public Transport Interface Standard

The Nordic Public Transport Interface Standard initiative taken by the four major public transportation authorities: Movia, Skånetrafiken, Storstockholms Lokaltrafik and Västtrafik ecouraged by Swedish Transport Association (SLTF) and Swedich Bus & Coach Federation (BR).

The objective is to enhance the efficiency and economics of traffic information systems integration
to offer the level of service the public transportation traveller will demand in the future.

The NOPTIS-standards support the interconnection of subsystems within a traffic information system including planning systems, schedule databases, GIS-systems, realtime vehicle reporting systems, traveller information systems, travel-planning systems etc.

The NOPTIS organisation is formed to facilitate the use of the interfaces and to control future developments of the protocol.


POSROI - Vehicle pos
APCRDA - The interfa
Vehicle System Inter
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